2024 Youth Scholarship Applications

The 2023-2024 TPHC scholarship application is open to students who will complete high school and enter a Texas accredited U.S. college in 2024, or are currently attending a Texas accredited U.S. college; and meet all published requirements established by the TPHC Board of Directors. You may reapply each year as long as you meet the criteria. 2023-2024 Applications are due on March 1, 2024.

Note: if you are a current college freshman you will need to include your final high school transcript.

2023-2024 Scholarship Application

The Paint The Future Scholarships

10 years ago, TPHC started awarding scholarships to kids who won classes at the shows.  In 2014, the scholarship program was refined and became the center post of a new show called “Paint The Future”, which is held every year on the second weekend in April in Waco, Texas.  The TPHC Scholarship Committee works all year to raise donations for the scholarship fund, money that helps families to cover the rising cost of tuition.  Every year, generous donors have contributed and since 2013, TPHC has awarded a total of $200,000 in scholarships.  For next year’s 10th Anniversary of the scholarship program, TPHC wants to raise $40,000 from private as well as corporate donors.  We accept any donation amount. The goal has always been to cover as many Youth classes as possible and give a lot of children the opportunity to win a scholarship.  Please consider giving to this valuable cause.  You are helping to secure the future of the equine industry.

How to Donate a Scholarship

Please send your donation (you choose the amount) to TPHC or let us know the amount of your pledge, to be funded by March 15.   TPHC is a 501(c)3 corporation and donations are tax deductible.  We have posted the donation form on this website.  If you have any questions, please contact our Scholarship Committee Chairman Fred Tabor at 940-453-1038.

Donors will be recognized by announcement in the arena, on a banner, and through posts on social media by name or logo.  In addition, all donors are invited to present the scholarships to the winning kids at the show, which is a lot of fun.

How to Qualify for a Scholarship
  • The Youth contestant has to be a member of the Texas Paint Horse Club BEFORE COMPETING IN THE CLASS.
  • The horse has to be owned/leased by the Youth or his/her family.
  • If the Youth is competing with a leased horse, the lease has to be in place at APHA before March 1st of the year.
How to Win a Scholarship

Scholarships will be available in certain classes, depending on the classes donors choose for their donation.  If we have $1,000 to award, the allocation is as follows:

  • 50% to the winner
  • 30% to the reserve
  • 20% to a random draw in the class

The allocation of scholarships may change depending on donations to the class.

How to Claim a Scholarship

TPHC will hold the scholarship amount in a trust account until the children have graduated from high school and have enrolled in an accredited college or trade school. At that time, please contact TPHC treasurer Eileen Daugirda at 817-296-9144 and provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • Proof that you are enrolled in an accredited institution (college or trade school)
  • Student ID number
  • Address of the Bursar’s Office or the Financial Aid Office at your institution
  • Day classes start

TPHC will pay the scholarship amount in your name directly to the college or trade school.

Youth Scholarship Fund Disbursement

If you plan on requesting funds from scholarships you have received from TPHC, the sooner you send in your request for the upcoming semester the better. We require 2 signatures on all scholarship checks and rely on the US Post Office. Eileen will receive the request from you, along with “Proof of Enrollment” and will then prepare the check, mail for the 2nd Signature, then that person will mail to the University (this process normally takes about 2 weeks to complete).

Information is included below for Proof of Enrollment acceptable documents. This can be e-mailed to Eileen Daugirda at [email protected]. Without the document showing Proof of Enrollment, Eileen cannot issue a check.

Accepted Documents

Any *one* of the following documents is considered acceptable proof of enrollment:

A scanned copy of your student identification card demonstrating that you will be enrolled for the Fall Semester 2022. If your card does not have an explicit date on it, it must indicate in some way that you are enrolled for the 2022 school year. An identification card that only contains the date you started school is not acceptable.

A transcript or course list showing the courses you are enrolled in for dates that include the Fall Semester 2022. A transcript in .txt format is NOT acceptable. A transcript marked “Unofficial Transcript” will suffice from most institutions.

A letter from your school student affairs or admissions office stating that you are enrolled as a student for a time period that includes the Fall Semester 2022. This letter must:

  • be on school letterhead
  • display a school seal or logo
  • contain a signature and phone number or email address of a representative from the admissions office

Proof that you have accepted an offer to attend an eligible post secondary academic program for a semester/grading period starting on or before September 30, 2022. You must not only include an acceptance offer letter, but also show proof that you have accepted the offer. The acceptance letter must:

  • be on school letterhead
  • display a school seal or logo
  • contain a signature and phone number or email address of a representative from the admissions office

Other proof that you are enrolled in a post secondary academic program for the Fall semester/trimester of 2022. There are many different types of forms that can show this, but the key is to be sure the proof has your name, school name and a recent date on it. Examples include:

  • A semester class schedule or syllabus for this time period
  • A receipt showing you paid for this time period
  • A letter showing your scholarship/financial aid etc. covers this time period

We don’t need to see your private information (phone number, grades received, tuition amount, address, personal ID number, etc.). Feel free to block them out.

All documents must clearly show your name and the name and address of the issuing school.